Photographs: 47
Publication: 2009

Less Is More

In Less Is More I philosophise about God and the universe.
And about what you can leave out without being left with nothing.

„Some places are time, some space, some in a certain way liberated from time and space. Ephemeral and at the same time present – reduced to the one single moment and yet present in their entire spectrum, vibrancy and abundance. Timeless moments which are endowed with perpetuity in the photographic series Less Is More.

Robert Rutöd plays with the original significance of the binomial pair as well as with possible and impossible variations: 'If less is more, maybe nothing is everything.' In other words: Everything is a question of perspective, the preference of visual angle, the self-styled point of view. Clichés shift into the centre of interest, mutate into a motif, decapitate the reality to an occasionally bizarre setting.

Less Is More – Solo exhibtion at Siebensterngalerie, Vienna 2010

Magic and disenchantment are in close contact with transience, perpetuity and time. Images which do not remain in the present, but at the same time focus on (ostensible) imperfection as point of departure and indirect goal. Theme and variation in 47 photographic beats.

Less Is More can be understood in one way as a (visual) archive: Details reveal geographical data, provide information about time of the year, evince a special way of life or quite deliberately mislead. In the sense as a landscape never changes the location, yet the accents internally shift – namely image for image." (Christine Dobretsberger, from the foreword to the book Less Is More)

Less Is More received honorable mention at the New York Photo Awards 2011.

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