"In recent years, there have been a lot of workshops offered where insecure photographers will sometimes pay large sums to have an expert help them select the images for a certain project or arrange the images into an order for presentation. The problem is that if you have ten expert consultants, you’ll get ten different projects, but never your own. Why not just use the director’s cut?"

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  What others say


"His decisive moments sometimes are so surreal that the viewer is willing to doubt their authenticity." (Arnis Balčus, FotoKvartals Magazine, Latvia) "Excellent, funny, and thoughtful photographs." (Stephen Cysewski, Spherical Aberration, USA)
"Sometimes what’s right in front of us is far more interesting and absurd than anything a filmmaker or artist can create. Austrian photographer Robert Rutöd looks at those fleeting and small moments where the juxtaposition or confluence of events create a bizarre and sort of wonderful result." (Aline Smithson, Lenscratch, USA)   "Is there a second chance for the immediacy of the moment? There is – in fact, not more or less, but according to the motto: Less is more! Robert Rutöd created a bizarre (visual) archive within the scope of this photo project. Every image relates a very personal story and is history." (Christine Dobretsberger, linea.art, Austria)
"Mostly everyday observations are shown in his new photo book, however, they have a rich atmosphere and allow a deep insight into the spotlight of human existence ... Many of the images become spectacular only on second or third glance. A book of photos, that is not without humour and directs the eye towards the essential." (Simon Hadler, ORF, Austria)
"I like to think that these pictures tell something about who shot them and make me want to learn more and the more I look the more the desire grows, like a circle. Like a kid in a candy store." (Anna Mola, Art blog, Italy)   "Rutöd's ability to take photos of everyday situations with patience, charm and an unobtrusive eye, and shoot at the right moment, is really worth seeing. Great street photography." (Daniel Eberharter, FM4, Austria)
"... the contradiction of unexpected serenity and tragedy is key to his overall concept. In Right Time Right Place, we are reminded of the inexplicable nature of the world, never presenting a clear answer even when things seem to align just right." (Jenna Garrett, Feature Shoot, USA)  

"Wonderfully edited collection of images. I am fascinated by the narrative of these photographs again and again. Bravo!" (Christopher H. Paquette, Photo/arts Magazine, USA)

"Every time I see his work I can find something new!" (Artur J. Heller, camerapixo, UK)

"Robert’s work captivated me straight away, I must admit. I like several things about it, but if I were to put in a single sentence, what spoke to me most was his ability to conceal difficult questions as simple, seemingly straightforward images on the verge of the popular kind of street photography ... However, Robert’s interests flow in several, rather surprising directions simultaneously, which is probably another of his key characteristics." (Ziemowit Maj, SnappedAway, UK)
"The photos belong to the classic tradition of street photography and force us to take a closer look. The casual observer will often fail to appreciate the black humor of the photographer." (Martina Mettner, Fotofeinkost, Germany)   "Robert Rutöd succeeds in showing without having to respond, leaving us in no doubt that nothing is ever as it seems, nothing is as it appears."
(Gianluigi Peccerillo, Artwort, Italy)
"Robert’s ability to capture the humour and essence of humanity is a joy to see. There is a sort of divine comedy to his images, with happiness and pity combined." (Bellamy Hunt, Japan Camera Hunter, Japan)   "The photographs themselves are excellently composed with a strong consideration of colour palettes. The bizarre yet everyday scenes shot throughout Europe invite you into interpreting the stories leading up to the creation of these images." (Ghost Magazine, UK)
    "We chose this image for the brilliance with which Robert studies the place of photography in current society, it’s depth and humour at the same time." (Ziemowit Maj, SnappedAway, UK)



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